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We are representatives in various national and international technical committees. We are member of CENDINNABau and VDI. Additionally we are certified by BSI-company according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


IfA in Action: Business-TV


Specialist in plant design and engineering since about 30 years

Plant Design for industry, energy- and power plants.

Consulting, calculation, design, design - review at plant and quality assurance.We are your partner with our team of engineers and technical staff for most competent cooperation in solving different problems in the area of industry-, energy and power plant design and layout.

The independent IfA - company will design and calculate for our clients within Germany as well as for clients in a lot of cowuntries in Europe and Asia.With most of our clients we enjoy a long-standing business relation in most instances.We prepare layouts and calculations for machines, steel-constructions and piping-systems for all kinds of load specifications.Necessary drawings will be prepared as well.

Dynamic analysis – we determine the structural effects

By means of our dynamic calculations, we calculate from the beginning of the project,which kind of stresses and deformations will be expected during the life of a special item etc. We prepare the basis for your further decisions within the first steps into your new project.

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